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Sabbath Meditation: Sunday, January 31, 2016

All that stuff you do when you’d rather be doing something else? That’s the stuff that matters. Do it with care. Be present and prayerful in it.
I am particularly susceptible to longing for entertainments, but I’ve never served God, loved my family, or helped a neighbor by going to a movie, watching TV, or gaming. However, doing homework, housework, and work-work, practicing music, reading hard stuff, listening to someone vent, teaching someone, thinking about what’s good for a 4 year old, rocking a 1 year old to sleep, and labor in prayer have all done tremendous good.
Have your dessert in good measure, that’s fine, but savoring the meal is the real good… and doing the dishes after. Cultivating a preference for the higher good will make the lessor good even better because it’s in it’s rightful place and measure. Furthermore, you become a particular kind of person by the greater goods that the lessor goods can never form you into; you become a lover, a true disciple of the One Who Is Love.
We were not saved for our comforts, but for works so significant that they were foreordained that we should walk in them. We are His workmanship, and when we do these things, we are doing merely our appropriate duty.