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Who are you trying to be like?

“The student is not above the teacher, but everyone who is fully trained will be like their teacher.” (Luke 6:40)
Who are you trying to be like?
One of my favorite works of fiction stated, “The battlefield is no place for pretenders,” it always tells the counterfeit. You cannot make yourself a better strategist or soldier by wishful thinking, but in the same way a child moves to eloquence from lisping, in conversation with their parents and teachers. Having the mind of Christ means having the Holy Spirit as the one guiding us into being like Christ. Renewing your mind means having Scripture as your tutor so that you might know the Master and be like Him.
We also choose human tutors to help us. They are a God ordained means to our sanctification, but take great care here. You will be like them, too. Are they too enamored with snark and sarcasm, or are they deft with words, wielding them like a surgeon with a scalpel and not a brute with a bludgeon? Do they suspect they are likely speaking with a saint of God and take great care not to abuse the special object of God’s affection? Do they think more highly of themselves than they ought, or do they esteem everyone as more important than themselves?

Different teachers can grant us different aspects of maturity; one for interpersonal adroitness and largeness of affection, another for clarity in argumentation, a third depth in history, a fourth for good wine and music for the enjoyment of the world God made–follow each as they follow Christ.